C.Merit Intertrade LTD. , a Selling Agent and Importer, established in 1990., Located in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are a successful business in Component of sport shoes & machines from Korea in the name of Samjin (Thailand) Ltd.
(SJT-WJC) & Taiwan as well as Fully-Rebuilt and Brand new of soap machines from Italy (SAS).

With our high exprerience in the international bussiness, we have also penetrated our new line in IT business,
Web Server and Web development service (CSW & TogetWeb) for every businesses and luanched Halogen Lamp
under CAS brand in last year.
We still go on penetrating any interesting products.

C.Merit Intertrade Ltd
73/4 Bantadthong office building,
Bantadthong Road, Ratchatavee,
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel : 662-611-3305-7
Fax : 662-6113308
Email :